Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sew Together Bag....

Have you seen this bag popping up on instagram feeds or facebook pages. 

Well I have been seeing them everywhere and I just had to have one of my own. My mind was made up when I went to my first Sunday Sewalongs with the GWSMQG. (Greater Western Sydney Modern Quilt Guild) everyone there had on sitting proudly in front of them filled with sewing goodies. That was it I was making one......

You can find the pattern here by Sew Demented

As soon as I downloaded the pattern I knew what fabric I wanted to use.  Little Red Riding Hood - Riley Blake. This has been sitting on my fabric shelf looking pretty for too long. It was time to cut into some of it.

I was a little worried about the zippers, and getting the rights sides all matching and on the right side of the zipper, and it all worked out so easy, just follow the instructions, and maybe read them a few times, I did.....

And in no time it was looking like the bag. All the pieces fall into place quite easily and I even learnt a few new techniques.

Just some straight line quilting for the outer layer. The rest went together really quickly, that I forgot to take some photos of the  binding going on, I was just on such a role to get it finished.

And just like that it was done and I just love it.

I think I zipped it and unzipped it a number of times to admire all the beautiful fabrics on the inside and all the compartments and thought  about all the things I was going to store in it.

Well one week on and I still haven't filled it. I just look at it and unzip it and zip it back up and have a little giggle to myself. I don't know why I just do. I think it is just so cute, or maybe it reminds me of the day I found this fabric at the Quilt show in Sydney at Darling Harbour and I did a little happy dance. I was looking for it everywhere and I didn't want to pay the huge postage costs and there it was, So I bought everything they had in the range..... yes people where looking at me as I jumped up and down like crazy..... OK stop laughing....

So if you thought it looks complicated and too hard, it's not. Give it a go, I'm about to start another one with a pieced outside.

Let me know if you have attempted the sew together bag and how you found it.

Happy Sewing
Filomena xx


  1. Such a lovely little handmade Filomena, the fabric choice is great ....... Now that's another thing to put on my to do list
    Cheers, Faye :)

    1. Haha Faye... My to do list is so long I need 2 lifetimes to get through it....