Thursday, June 28, 2012

GoodBye to a Great Teacher

It is James' teacher last day tomorrow. She is off to find her feet has a principal. I know she will do a great job. James thinks so tooo, but he is sooo sad she is leaving.

So he asked me if I would make a special apple for the teacher for when she left. So here it is.

Fabric Apple
It is really hard when someone leaves especially for a kid. I remember a favorite teacher leaving when I was at school. I was never going there again until she came back.... HaHa.... James is hoping she keeps it on her new desk at her new school and we wish her all the best at her new school.
We have no idea who the new teacher will be. Who ever it is they will have great big boots to fill.

I know the class was planning some sort of party for her and putting on a play and some items for her today. James is not really into acting so he took his violin with him instead and is going to play a piece for her. Good luck James.

Do you remember a special teacher leaving? .....


  1. This is beautiful! What a fabulous gift for a teacher. Do you have a tutorial for it? I would love to make one, but am not sure if I could do it without some guidance!

  2. Hi Jeneta I can't put a tutorial as it is a pattern I purchased online from Retro Mama on Etsy. You can purchase the pattern from there or you can purchase them from my store on made it. There is a link on the side that will take you straight there.