Sunday, July 22, 2012

A New project for a Sunday afternoon

I have set myself the task to get this project finished today. We will see how I go with that. Half the day is already gone and I only have 8 of the squares done. Winter will be over and Sarah won't get to enjoy snuggling under it. I was going to do it for her birthday earlier in July. Just some days just seem to disapear, just like this disapearing nine patch pattern.

I am loving the colours and they are so her. The fabric is Hello Luscious from Moda. It has all the colous she loves especially that aqua blue. Lots of florals and a bit grown up.

Moda Hello Luscious Fabric
The disapearing nine patch is not that hard to do, but you can get some great effects from it depending on how you lay it out.

First have all your squares cut to size. Mine are all 5 inch squares. Then sew them together. Row by row and then the top row to the middle row and then the middle to the bottom. Give a good press with a warm iron..

Then all you do is cut down the centre vertically and horizontally.

Cut the nine patch down the centre both ways.

You can see that you now have 4 squares. You keep doing this until you have enough for your quilt. There are many ways you can arrange them and even add borders. Have a play around and some fun with it.

I will post the finished quit when I have finished, fingers crossed later tonight.

Talk to you all soon I'm off to sew.

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