Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Quiet Day at last

Finally after some really busy days and nights I have finally found some time to do more on this quilt. Which I was supposed to have finished for Sarah back in July.

My new Janome
This past 2 weeks saw us heading off to the Opera House to see James with his Violin at the Opera House. We had dinner at City Extra and then off to see the performance. What fantastic talent from some very young kids.

Waiting to start performing while everyone finds their seats and settle down.
Lauren had her team and individual Physie competition. Her team WZ Physie Blue Mountains won first place. The girls where so good, they where a stand out. Lauren also made it to the Grand Finals for her individual performance.

Lauren with her first place team badge

Sarah is on next week. So will be helping her perfect some of her movements and help her be a little more confident.

Anyway back to my quilting. It took me hours of re-arranging and making sure that no two same patterns where near each other. Every time I swapped two squares I would have to move another two. It was some puzzle. I had to give up with some just as long as they where not touching each other I had to let it go.

It looks fantastic laying on the floor.

In this photo I am half way through sewing the rows together.

 Well the top is all finished now and will be quilting it later today. It is so nice to finally get one of the many projects I have going closer to being completed. And I am sure Sarah is too. She wants to use it before it gets too hot.

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