Monday, September 24, 2012

Flying Kites....

What a beautiful day it was yesterday out in the Blue Mountains. We decided to go out for the day, so off we packed some lunch and went out to Oberon.

It was beautiful; blue skies and not a cloud in the sky.

It was a little breezy so out came the kites. It was so much fun.

Grandad then needed to do some work on the cows. The kids love helping grandad drench and castrate the bull calves. I don't know why, they just do.

This one has come over to say hello. Not knowing what is going to happen to him next. I always feel that little bit of pain for them.

Normally Andrew would be climbing all over the yards with the others but his broken arm stopped him from being a cowboy this time.

I did get to sit in the sun for a little while and do some more on the baby blanket. All the squares done now just the border to go......

Loving the holidays....

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