Friday, September 28, 2012

Hooked on Adriano

On Tuesday we went for a little drive and decided to have lunch at the fish markets. Thought we would have a coffee and some morning tea first. Great idea get the kids out of the car for a bit. As we drove through Balmain we see a sign.

Oh wow there is an Adriano Zumbo shop here. I know what I want for morning tea.

The kids loved the little shop. We each chose a flavour we wanted. LalaDad bought a chocolate and Hazelnut pastry. We got some coffee and off we went to find a park to sit and enjoy our found.

The James, Sarah and Lauren picked blue milkshake, Andrew chose chocolate. Well it was there when I turned on the camera but by the time I focused it was gone. He said he just couldn't wait.

As soon as I took the picture.........

They where all gone......... Everyone was silent as they savoured their little macaroon.

I had the salted popcorn (the white one). It was heaven. We all wanted to go back and pick some more.

Then laladad got out his pastry. I don't have to say anymore just look at the photo.

Is your mouth watering. Head on down to Darling Street Balmain. It was so worth the drive down from the mountains. And the kids thought it was fantastic as he is famous. I'm hooked I now think of that little shop everyday.

Off to the fish markets we then went. If Lauren could choose dinner each night it would be a fish. She just loved looking in all the shops. The others just complained about the smell. It wasn't that bad....

Look at Lauren in the background looking in the window.

We got some fish for home and some fish and chips for lunch. And then the hard part finding a table....

Lauren enjoying her fish

What a great day out.... What are you doing with the kids these holidays?

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  1. Oh I know Adriano Zumbo all too well! Well not him personally but his yummies!

    I love the kids in the fish shop! We used to refuse to go in when we were little. We'd stand at the door way and poke at the poor crabs a box :)

    Looooooove fish 'n' chips... Hmmmm dinner tonight!

    Sophie xo