Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love It, Pin It, Win It....

Wow Moda Bake Shop are running a competition called Love it Pin it Win It. I love all the recipes from this site but there are a few that I just adore.

Here is the one I have pinned onto my Pinterest. And will hopefully make one day very soon....

Photo from Moda Back Shop - Happy Weekender Recipe

If you would also like to make this gorgeous quilt click on the photo and it will take you straight there.

Love It - I love the combination of colours and all the white. It looks fresh, bright and happy. How happy I would be under this quilt anytime of year reading a good book. I have three charm packs of this Vintage Modern fabric I bought one day just to have in my collection. Lucky I did....

Pin It - Already done this here

Win It - Now all I have to do is cross my fingers and hope I win.

I have to admit I spend many hours going through the recipes on Moda Bake Shop blog and enjoy looking at all the fabric combinations and get many of my inspirations from here. I think it is just so cute how the tutorials are just like a recipe for cooking with ingredients and instructions. And lots of step by step photos.

Caution -
There is only one thing I do have to caution when you go and check out Moda Bake Shop. That all the kids are asleep and you have a few hours to yourself. It is addictive.

Have fun.....

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