Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm now a stay at home mum....

It has been a big change in our house this week. I went from working full time as a teacher to now being a stay at home mum to my beautiful 4 kids.

Here they are at the war memorial in Canberra last week. This was our day trip, it was a long day but lots of fun....

My husband had 7 years off work and stayed home with the kids and it is now my turn. We have always maintained that one of us will be home and the kids and they would not go into full time care. So I had 5 years off first while I had the kids and then laladaddy had his turn. I am now so happy that it is my turn again.

So what do I do now that I am home. Well I can spend more time updating my blog, cooking, baking and sewing. All my favorite things.

Sarah's best friend Rose had her birthday on Monday and Sarah wanted me to make something for her, something special she said. So here it is.... of course it was something sewn....

And I really like the back. A great little project to use up some left over fabrics.

Lauren has a birthday party to go to this week. Well you know what she has requested I make don't you.!!


  1. How great that your kids have had each parent at home with them - so lucky! Kellie xx
    PS 4 kids! Wow - good on you!