Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Morning Routine

This is what I do every morning, either the kids take the bus to school or I drop them off; I come back home make myself a cup of coffee and I write up a list.

I find that I get more things done during the day and keeps me organised. With 4 kids doing all different things I need to keep organised and on top of things. A few mums at school have asked me how I'm coping and how I seemed so organised after only being home for 2 weeks. So I told them about my daily list.... So I thought I would share it with you as well. I really does work and you don't have to do all the items sometimes I have one or two left over. Like finish marking engineering exams has been there since last week. Oops they are due to work tomorrow better make this a priority today. Still tidying some things up with work.

I have always written a list, even when I worked. I would get to work and write up a list of the things I wanted to accomplish for the day. I wouldn't show it to anyone and everyone always commented how do you keep your desk so clean and are so organised....... maybe I should have told them my secret....

Anyway I have finished my coffee as I write this and better get as much crossed off the list as possible.

How do you keep yourself organised? Do you make a list?

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  1. I do love making lists and crossing off is definately my highlight! My only problem is that I lose my list throughout they day CONSTANTLY! Then it's just luck of the draw with what gets done... I'm the queen of misplacing! Sigh... I'll get it together one day :)

    Sophie xo