Monday, October 29, 2012

Sometimes life is just tooo busy

Everyday last week there was something on, which meant that I had to leave the house every day. So this week I have made sure that I have not made any commitments.

Last week I drove to the city to get laladad to sign a couple of forms that I forgot to get him to sign the night before.

We had a hospital appointment to get x-rays on Andrew's arm, and then to the specialist to see if the cast could come off. It will be coming off tomorrow morning. He is very happy about that.

We then had they very important Physie Grand Finals for Lauren. A lot of preparation goes into this. She practises every afternoon and she just loves it. We then have to do the hair. It starts Friday night putting her hair up in curlers.

And then in the morning I transform it to this.

I love doing the girls hair and making it all special for them.

We got down to the venue early so we had some time for a quick coffee and ice-cream with some friends.

She then did her routine, she was brilliant. She was strong and on time with the music. I am so proud of her. Unfortunately she didn't place this year. When I went to get her she asked me "what did I do wrong?" "Nothing princess nothing" I told her.  I am not sure what she did wrong so it is hard to explain to a competitive little perfectionist.

She is the little one in the middle, one of the only ones with straight arms and correctly pointed feet. Anyway I am proud of her and that is all that matters.

And then Sunday came and this is what I was faced with.

All the washing just dumped on the lounge. I just folded and put away all day. So glad that week is over.


  1. Oh I don't feel so bad about my laundry pile now! Lol... Mine is still waiting to be folded though.

    Hopefully your week is a little more calmer :)

    Sophie xo

  2. So far Sophie it seems it will be. I even got some sewing in yesterday. I'm sure the pile of washing will return another busy week.

  3. I definitely know how busy life can get and most of it is always spent in the car driving here and there.

    Your daughters hair looks fabulous! She is so lucky to have a mum who can do up styles. Very handy for the many school Formals. I've paid a good sum of money to get styles like that for my older girls.

    Enjoy your week :)