Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All off to school.

Wow I cannot believe it. It is working again. I had so much trouble the last few weeks with this blog and uploading photos. The button to browse photos would not come up and I had no way of searching for them. Not only was it hard to find time in the holidays to get onto a computer, but when I did get on it wouldn't work.  But it is all good now and all ready to get back into the swing of blogging again.

The kids are back at school as of today. I cannot believe that James is now in yr 6. His last year of primary school. He cannot wait for this year to be over and head on over to High School.

For me that is scary. They are all growing up so fast. In no time he will be sitting his HSC. This year I have James in yr6, Sarah in yr5, Lauren in yr4 and Andrew in yr2. I am very lucky that my kids love school and perform well. They love learning and getting involved in as many things as they can.

Have a great first day kids.....

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  1. WOW! All off to school! Does this mean mummy has more 'mummy time' up her sleeve?! :)

    I had the same problem at one stage with blogger. I ended up switching to Google Chrome and haven't looked back...

    Sophie xo