Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm a Farmer's Wife....

I really am a Farmer's Wife. He was a farmer when I met my beautiful husband and he still is a farmer in his heart, but he works in the building trade now, surrounded by high rise buildings and concrete instead of cows and acres.
Anyway enough about that, back to quilting ....

I am doing The Farmer's Wife sampler quilt......

I ordered this book on Amazon and as soon as it had arrived I was picking my fabrics and sewing my first block.

I had so much fun sewing up my first 2 blocks and showing my friend over at Cook, Quilt Crochet that she is making it with me. It is so much fun making it with a friend. We have had a sewing day together and packed the sewing machine in the car and taken it to patchwork group to keep on going. It has made even more fun doing this with someone else.

Here are the blocks I have made so far....

Block 2 - Autumn Tints

Block 5 - Bat Wing
Block 6 - Big Dipper
Block 12 - Broken Sugar Bowl
And my favourite block so far.... Staring my favourite fabric red pock-a-dot.

Block 11 - Broken Dishes
Now I'm not really going in any order and I have left some out, the ones that are not really my favourite kind of block. So I a substituting them for some other more interesting blocks.

I'll keep posting progress as I go.....


  1. I've always wanted to do this! Please do post them as I'd love to see your combinations of colour and patterns! It'll make on gorgeous quilt! I'd love to join in with you... May be I can as I see yours progress :)

    Sophie xo

    1. Ohh It would be great if you could join in. We could do catch up dates where we show our progress and make sure we are on task. With coffee and cake of course... Haha

    2. Only if the coffee and cake is made from soy or oat milk! I have a new torturer in my life called a naturopath and she's banned me from dairy! How wicked of her! Think I'll be spoiling myself by buying this book once I last the week without 'real' milk!

  2. Loving your farmers wife - blocks. This book has been on my wish list for awhile, I think it's time for a little gift for me :)

    Will be popping in to see your progress so please show.