Friday, July 5, 2013

A Day in Sydney....

Even though we don't live that far from the city it is not somewhere we go all the time. The weather was just gorgeous on Wednesday that a trip on the train and a walk around the city was a must.

I quickly looked up some craft stores I wanted to visit in York Street. Packed some things to take with us and we all got dressed and off to the station we went.

My Husband works in the city, right next to Central Station. So we stopped by there to see if he could have a break. He was busy and didn't know when he was going to get away so off we went to explore the city.

It wasn't long before they where all hungry. Have you ever tried Pie Face? It was our first try and for mass produced pies they where great.

This is the kids refusing to walk any further is we didn't go in.

The kids all had pies. I'm not really a fan of pies so I had a Piezza. (That is what they called it in the shop) It was delicious. I could easily have had another one.

Next stop T2. Love this shop, all the smells and the combinations of herbs and flowers to make all the different teas. So I stocked up on some loose leaf Peppermint Tea.

The kids wanted a picture with every statue we walked past. (Except for James, I think he is getting too cool for some things) I'll just show you one..

And then walking through World Square we found this. An outdoor ice skating ring in the middle of the city. In unison they all said can we have a go pleeeeease.


We then walked over to Hyde Park for a much needed rest and afternoon tea.

After our little rest I said to the kids I wanted to go towards the shops. Instantly it was no way we are not going to go to any craft shops. We will sit here and you can come back when you have finished one of them kept saying. Well there went my search for craft stores. We had a few hours left before Dave (Husband) finished work. So we walked down to the Art Gallery of NSW. The kids had never been there and it wasn't too far.

They loved it. Even though they couldn't touch anything it was still very visual for them. The modern art section was their favourite. Like when they found this man art work sitting in the corner they couldn't resist but to sit with it. 

They asked lots of questions. What is this? How is this art? I could have painted that and be famous, its just a canvas painted black!

They liked looking at the Sydney Nolan paintings as last year they had studied him at school and made their own Sydney Nolan paintings.

We met up with Dave and caught the train back home. What a great day in the city and cause we stayed away from the shops we didn't spend much money at all. So another trip into the city is being planned for next school holidays.

Do you like taking the kids into the city? What fun things do you go and look at?

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