Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kids sewing classes......

Every now and then I hold a kids sewing class and have so much fun. I love choosing the project and then the fabric and cutting it all up ready for the class.

And then making my sample to show the kids what they are making.

The class was on Thursday and as usual I book to many kids into the class. There are so many kids that want to do it and I don't want to disappoint any of them.      I ended up with 8 kids ranging from 8 -16. Now anyone thinking of doing this, don't have such a big age range of kids; it did make managing things more difficult. And even though I can teach 20 kids in a woodwork workshop with machines and tools all going at the same time, this is a little different. Every time I run a class I learn something new and make a mental note to myself.

Here is the table and sewing machines waiting for the kids to arrive.

 And my cute little pin cushions sitting on the table.

 And here are some of the finished projects. They looked fantastic and the kids loved them.

I always love the parents when they come and pick them up and are amazed what there children have created. And when they are walking out the door ask when is the next one.

So I have been thinking or running a more regular sewing workshop. Not sure whether to run then as after school workshops or weekend ones.

Anyone had any experience in running kids workshops and what days suit best? Any advice?


  1. Hi there, have come across from 'onecraftymumma' and thought I'd tell you about how I run sewing classes... my 9 year old daughter and I love sewing and we invited 5 of her close girlfriends (aged 8-9) to join us last year. It runs on a Mon afternoon after school twice a term (I pre-select the dates at the beginning of the year so mothers can plan around it if required) and we all have a snack together before we start sewing. Mums can stay and help if they want or feel free to go as I can manage 6 girls by myself usually. We started out slow and small - hand stitching with felt and making flowers and badges, but as they've progressed they've made bags, owl cushions and little boy ties as christmas gifts. They are getting quite good and it's become a highlight for each family as we've continued on this year. They are keen to keep going next year and perhaps we'll tackle a quilt in time. I guess that's the beauty of having the same girls each time, we can all progress together. So I don't run random classes but my daughter and I have found it to be a lovely way to keep in touch with her friends, plus learn new skills. Thanks for a lovely blog, will be stopping by again. Cheers, from Perth.

    1. Hi that's a great idea having it twice a term. I was worried about committing to every week. That is my aim as well that I would have regular kids and build their skills up and make make bigger projects as we go. Just running them in the holidays means I have different kids each time and at all different levels. Thanks for some great ideas. I'm glad you like my blog. Filomena

  2. Hi SAHM, I teach sewing to girls from age 8. I teach on the weekends and occasionally week nights during the school year, usually close to the holidays, when the girls want to make gifts for Christmas. During the summer months, it's afternoons and weekends. The schedules are set though, so it can be a routine for the girls' families and myself. I offer group sewing lessons and that happens occasionally but my regulars are taking private lessons. We started out making headbands, lunch bags, cloth covered beaded necklaces, and re-purposed jean bags to now aprons and doll clothes. I have one student that's only interested in making quilts, so we've been doing that. I hope that helps. I, too, enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi Denise, you know I have never noticed that I don't actually have my name on here anywhere. So just fixed that problem. Yes I don't want to run groups that are too big. I was thinking 3 maybe 4 students twice a term or maybe the first Tuesday of each month might work for me too. Thanks for your ideas, lunch bags sounds like a good project. Will be looking into that. Thanks Filomena