Monday, September 23, 2013

Where has September Gone.....

Now how fast has September gone. It has been jam packed with lots of craft and kids activities.
Well every week I look forward to me crochet classes. They are so much fun and the ladies are so lovely.  I love to see their progress each time they come back and show what they have done.
Here are the crochet projects I have been working on lately.

Here it is now hanging on my back door.

These roses are just beautiful. I have made so many of them, they are so quick to make, now to think of a project I can do with them. Have you got any ideas?
The little scraps in the bowl make pretty mess.
I joined my first pouch swap. It was so much fun to think of a design and pick the fabrics. It should arrive in the US soon.

And the best part was we had to fill it up with sweats from our country. Yummy.

And this is a pouch I made for my niece for her birthday. It was a great hit. I love making these pouches they are quite quick and easy to put together. I know there are many tutorials out there already, but I will do another one and upload it here soon.

And then there was Physie competitions. My girls where just beautiful.

 These are the little hair accessories I made for all 17 girls in our club to match their leotards.

We went to the Taronga Zoo. We hadn't been since the kids where really little. It was so nice to just leave in the morning, catch the ferry and walk around the zoo, with out pushing a pram, heating bottles and changing nappies.

If you haven't been lately, plan a visit it was great. A lot of the renovations are finished and it is so easy to get around and sit to have lunch.

The kids played their instruments at the Opera House.

And James played for the school Open Day.

 Sarah Danced her heart out at the school Open Day.

James turned 12. Wow not only has this month flown by, but where has 12 years gone. He wanted a bowling party with his friends. And it was great.

And everyone loved the cake I made...... It was so good.....

And we finished the weekend with a bike race. James came second, it was a fight for first place with James being over taken 4 metres before the line coming 0.01 behind the winner.

And it now one of our traditions we just have to have a sausage sandwich after the race.

 OK. So now its school holidays and I was planning to just hang around home. Well the kids have other ideas. The calendar is already getting full.

So what have you got planned for the school holidays? ........

Filomena xx

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