Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013

2013 saw many highs and lows not only in my family but the community I live in, and it also meant a whole year as a stay at home mum. I can't believe how fast it went and I just absolutely loved it. 

This was the last year all my kids will be at school together for a while, the year they started mountain bike riding, the girls didn't make it to the Physie grand finals, James won the U13's Mountain Bike trophy, James, Sarah and Lauren performed at the opera house, Sarah joined the school dance group and performed at the Joan Sutherland Centre, The girls started netball and loved it, James was nominated into SRC, I started crochet classes,  they all did really well in their AMEB music exams, and the year I experienced my first bush fires, so many of my friends lost their homes and saw a community help each other.

I finally feel I am doing the right thing....... caring for the people I love and spending time doing the things I love. It is not always easy looking after these four, and sometimes I remember how much easier it was just to walk out the door in the morning to go to work and leave someone else to deal with the "I can't find my uniform" or "I don't want to wear my hair like this"..... but dealing with the daily issues has brought more meaning to my days and the reason I had these guys. 

This year I have one starting high school, which is very exciting and scary at the same time. The kids will continue with their music lessons and mountain bike racing and Physie and I am looking forward in continuing running my crochet classes. So I will still be busy dropping them off here and there. Now that is something I have to work on this year. Balance - between doing things with the kids, down time for me and them, family time and of course my craft time. And somewhere in there I have to keep this house tidy..... Oh My Goodness it is going to be another busy year and I was hoping for a more relaxing one......

So 2013 I am sad to see you go but I am so excited about 2014 and all the possibilities it will bring.

Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for stopping by in 2013.

Filomena xx

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  1. Happy New Year to you Filomena! Enjoy time with your family :) Starting high school... I'm so anxious about Sunny starting kindy! So it'll be a year of firsts all round. All the best xxx