Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Some of my favourite things in stills...

Some weeks here just fly by. Blink and the weekend is gone and the next one is just around the corner. Some times it is nice to just stop and have a look at the things around you. The things that make me happy.

I love to stare at my Cornishware collection. It always looks so happy.

Enjoying a tea in a nice tea cup and some crochet.

A new crochet project for a baby that is coming soon.

Spending time with family out on the farm making damper on a stick.

Just loved how these looked all out in a row, and wondered about all the people that had taken baths in these tubs once.

Oh I find these everywhere in the house, but I love watching the kids being creative with them.

Finishing off some quilts for the Winmalee Bush Fire Appeal.

Pretty Pretty Pretty

Filomena xx

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