Friday, June 20, 2014

Spending Friday with the Farmer's Wife...

Well I have been a little bit slow this week and have not completed the 2 blocks.... Well sometimes I just have to work and when you are working casually on call you take every day that is offered to you.

But don't you find that sometimes work just gets in the way of what we really want to be doing.... creating...

But what I have been doing is making sure that all my squares are kept nice and neat in a folder, so that I can look over them and admire each block without getting them dirty of the edges fraying.

And I even have a printout of the whole quilt, which I am planning on colouring in the blocks as I make them. That is going to be just as fun.

One job I have done is sort out my next 2 blocks and pick the fabric. Sometimes that is half the battle. It can take me hours sometimes to work out my colour combinations.

Hopefully I can have these finished by Saturday afternoon as we have nothing on after netball. Yes an afternoon at home.

Do you have trouble picking what fabric you're going to use?

Happy Farming
Filomena xx

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