Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creative Pen Pal Swap...

A few people I follow on Instagram often put up photos of things they are sending or receiving from their pen pals. I thought what a great ideas. I went looking for some online pen pal sites to join. Man O man was I bombarded with male friendship requests, a marriage proposal, a request to come over and stay while they were on holidays in Australia and lots and lots of male friendship requests. Did they not read I was after a crafty pen pal. After 3 days I had had enough and cancelled by subscription.

To my surprise Mel over at One Crafty Mumma was holding a Pen Pal Swap. You emailed your information and she matched you up with someone. Yes I was definitely in that. So I asked for two. I asked for one at first as I didn't want to seem greedy. But then wrote back and asked for another one. So I was matched with one gorgeous lady in Australia and one beautiful girl overseas. 

So I have written my first letter to both my partners and have sent them off. I know it has only been a few days but I can't wait for my happy mail...... you can also follow along on Instagram by following  #creativepenpalswap

While I was out doing some shopping I started picking up some bits and pieces to use in my letter writing. I'll have to get myself a box to put things in as I find them, So I keep my eye open all the time now for things I can use for my letter writing.

Creative Pen Pal Swap
Creative Pen Pal Swap

How nice is kikki.K there is so much nice stuff in there. Look at those cute cat and dog magnetic bookmarks. One each for my partners.

Creative Pen Pal Swap

Creative Pen Pal Swap

And in each package went also something handmade be me. Some beautiful crochet face washers made from organic cotton.

Well I will be spending some time over near the mail box over the next few weeks as I wait for my letters. How exciting. Hope we hit it off and become life long pen pals.

Do you have a pen pal? Or did you join the swap with One Crafty Mumma? How is it going?

Filomena xx

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