Monday, September 22, 2014

Sweet Mini Quilt Swap....

I just love joining these little swaps. Part of the thrill is waiting by the letter box waiting for your happy mail to come. I think I have joined three swaps just this month. Need to slow down or I'll lose track.

This week this one went in the post headed overseas somewhere in the USA. It was a swap run by Heather at The Sewing Loft.

Mini Quilt Swap

My partner liked lots of colour and in her mosaic of pictures she had + and x block. I have been wanting to try this block, so I thought perfect. I went through some fabrics left over from other projects and then chose some grey and light coloured fabrics for the in between bits. I wanted the + and the x to stand out.

Mini Quilt Swap

I made four blocks all up and it came together so fast. 

Mini Quilt Swap

Mini Quilt Swap

Mini Quilt Swap

In a few hours I had my fabrics cut and the blocks sewn up.

Mini Quilt Swap

Mini Quilt Swap

I was thinking of doing something fancy in each of the diamond shapes, but I was pushed for time and sometimes simple is best.So some straight stitching it was and I loved it.

I even had some leftover binding and it matched perfectly. So I quickly stitched it on as I watched another episode of Downton Abbey. 


Mini Quilt Swap

Now there where a couple of times when I thought about keeping it. I liked it so much. But I was so excited to be posting this that I just couldn't.

So partner hope you like it.

So do you like signing up to swaps? 

Filomena xx


  1. I found your blog :-)
    Love to see all the photo's of the things you make!

    Greetings from your new penpal from the Netherlands, Marianne

    1. Hi Marianne, I'm glad you found me. Well I'm always making something...... can't wait for my letter to arrive. Filomena xx