Saturday, August 29, 2015

Loving this Swap ...

Earlier in the year I decided I wasn't going to join anymore swaps and then this one came up. Who can resist a Lori Holt, Bee in my Bonnet swap.

The swap is not due to post for a few more weeks, but I have started on my mini already. You're shocked too. I've started a swap with more than a few days to go.

I've been collecting some Lori Holt fabric for a while, just picking up bits as I find them. Most of these I got at the Mad Quilters Show in Penrith over the last few years. I did by some online, well through Instagram from the gorgeous Clair at @clairsdestash. It was fun to get it out and look at it all.

My swap partner made a little inspiration board full of cuteness, and it included a Dresden Plate block. I have never made one and I love to try new things with each swap so the Dresden Plate it is. Once I cut up all the fabric and chained sewed them all together, it already started to look so pretty. They were like little buntings on a string.

Then I put them all together.

Why hadn't I made one of these before?

And I couldn't believe how easy they were to make. I've attached it to a white background with a simple straight stitch around the edge.

And the scrappy border is coming along beautifully too and I am planning some creative quilting to make this extra special.

I can't show you too much at this point, or I'll give too much away. I'll make sure I take a photo of the finished mini before I send it away. Just need to plan some little handmade gifts to go with it.

Any ideas....

Filomena xx

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  1. I always try to work my swaps at least 2-4 weeks prior to their due date JUST IN CASE. This is looking fabulous! I saw some of your photos on Instagram & was admiring them. Can't wait for the big reveal!!