Friday, February 19, 2016

Block 1 - Project 48

I think I have my sewing mojo back. 2 blocks in so many days. Well, I did have a couple of days off work too, having been feeling the best and my migraines are coming much more regularly lately. So just a few days ordered by the Dr to get my blood pressure down and help with the migraines.

So during a break in the migraine I sewed this cute little block together. Sometimes the more simple blocks are the most stunning.

Block 1 - Project 48
My colour scheme for this quilt is going to be orange, aqua and grey. I'm really loving orange at the moment, its like my new red.

Block 1 - Project 48

So this is my other selfish sewing project for they year and I'm loving this colour combo. You can sign up to protect 48 here.

Happy Sewing
Filomena xx


  1. We're bringing irange back into fashion! 🍊🍊

  2. Replies
    1. I'm really loving orange at the moment. Last week I went to my local quilt shop and was so attracted to the orange I spent a little (too much) on building a little orange stash on my shelf.