Saturday, July 2, 2016

Craft It Forward

Last year Fiona who runs a gorgeous blog over at Bendigo Lioness hosted a craft it forward event. I remember reading the post thinking what a great idea, there is no way I will be chosen, but I was and it was all very exciting. As there is a whole year in which you could receive your specially crafted item, I totally forgot about it in my busy life.

Then a few weeks back now a parcel arrived. The kids picked it up from the door and asking me what did you buy mum? .... more fabric? ...... then one yells out it's a swap......

So I'm like what is going on. I haven't joined any swaps, I did buy some fabric but the night before and there was no way it could be at my door the next day. (Have you used Australia post) so the surprise when they finally passed over the parcel and I opened the parcel and read Fiona's card.

Yes all the panic modes she went through in the card I went through.

Then as I continued to open the individually wrapped items the biggest smile emerged. I hadn't smiled in a few days. Fiona has no idea what a perfect timing this parcel came to remind me of all the beautiful people in my crafty world.

She knows me so well. Bonnie and Camille are my favourite and teal and red my favourite colours. I just adore this little scissor pouch.

I plan to put this to good use as soon as the school holidays are here as I plan to relax with some hand sewing and some movies.

But now it's your turn. Part of the commitment is that I then pick 3 people to send something handmade to within 12 months.

All you need to do is leave a comment on my blog and I will choose the first 3 people who leave a comment with either a blog address or IG name. So that I can then contact you for a postal address. This is open to any crafty person all over the globe.

When you receive your gift you will need to be prepared to host your own Craft It Forward event on your blog, and send out a homemade gift to 3 people within 12 months.

I am so looking forward to getting to know my 3 crafty people better and send you a little something perfect for you.

Talk soon
Filomena xx


  1. I missed out on Fiona's .... But maybe it was a good thing! Didn't even know you had a blog. Would love to be part of a pay it forward IG mrees2511

    1. Yay. Welcome Michelle to my blog, which is sometimes is a bit neglected. And the first to qualify.