Monday, July 9, 2012

Granny Ripple Stitch

Having lots of fun making this beautiful blanket for Andrew. He asks me every night if I have finished yet. I keep explaining that I am not that fast, but he keeps on asking me anyway. I took him to pick his own colours which I think have turned out great.

The Granny Ripple is quite fast to master and the effect is great. It comes out quite thick and chunky. I love it laying on my legs as I work on it at night. It is so cosy.

Granny Ripple Stitch
Everyone I show it to, just picks it up and cuddles it and asks how to make it. I am making it out of 100% new wool which makes it just extra cuddly. So I am in the process now of writing up a tutorial. I am halfway through, but the battery went flat on the camera so it is now charging. So as soon as it has charged I can finish taking the photos and put up the tutorial.

I'm loving the colour combination
It is coming along quite quickly and I'm about halfway through now. The tutorial will be up soon so get your wool and hook ready to crochet along.

It is a very fun design to make.


  1. Your blanket is gorgeous. I look forward to your tutorial. I sew and quilt and have dabbled a little with crochet - love to learn. Anyway, I've joined (following)your sight. Please join mine. Welcome!

  2. A big welcome to blogland! I love your vintage baby quilt! a great layout of the d9p. Your crochet is gorgeous too - sad to say I can't crochet unless you count the endless Barbie belts I used to make (single chain!)

    Happy Sewing!

  3. Very nice, I do love the colour combination!