Monday, December 3, 2012

Quick catch up....

Wow this is such a busy time of year. I have been doing lots of things to make sure that they are ticked off by the time Christmas is here.

Finishing off lots of sewing orders. I can''t believe how many personalised cushion order I received. And I still have a few to go.

 And lots of sewing orders as well.

Look at all these cute pink frills. Makes you want to have another baby. ( wake up back to reality)

While I sew and do my craft the girls always want to do something as well. And here is what they did. They are some kits a picked up one day at spotlight. They are great. And I love kids craft that actually can be made by the child on their own and have success.

 My kids have been busy refining there music pieces for their AMEB exams coming up next week. James had an outdoor concert with the Western Sydney String Ensemble. They where fantastic.

The girls went off to camp. Lauren went to zoo snooze. what a great experience, walking around the zoo in the dark, sleeping at the zoo and feeding the animals in the morning. And Sarah went to a farm stay camp. Both came home exhausted.

And with all these things going on I haven't even put the tree up yet. No decorations, no tinsel, no Christmas. I think I better get onto that job pretty quick. I always put it all up on the 1st weekend of December, but it was just too hot and hard to fit in with all the birthday parties and socialising my kids did this weekend. I haven't even picked up one Christmas present yet. Well I did manage to get some wrapping paper with my grocery shopping.

What a crazy time of year.......