Monday, July 30, 2012


Wow it is getting to that time of year where the physie competitions start. My two beautiful  talented girls have been practising their routines all year and it is all coming together.

The best part for me is I get to play hairdresser on them and do something special with their hair. I love looking up photos, you tube and peoples blog on hair styles.

Here is a photo of their hair I love to do and they just look beautiful.
Last year Sarah wanted some plaits going through a messy bun.

And here are my beautiful princesses.
Wow this photo was only taken a couple of years ago they have grown up so much. I can't find another photo of the two together at Physie. I will have to remember to take one together this year.

And of course they always bring home a mountain of trophies for all their hard work.

Now what hair style will I do this year?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A New project for a Sunday afternoon

I have set myself the task to get this project finished today. We will see how I go with that. Half the day is already gone and I only have 8 of the squares done. Winter will be over and Sarah won't get to enjoy snuggling under it. I was going to do it for her birthday earlier in July. Just some days just seem to disapear, just like this disapearing nine patch pattern.

I am loving the colours and they are so her. The fabric is Hello Luscious from Moda. It has all the colous she loves especially that aqua blue. Lots of florals and a bit grown up.

Moda Hello Luscious Fabric
The disapearing nine patch is not that hard to do, but you can get some great effects from it depending on how you lay it out.

First have all your squares cut to size. Mine are all 5 inch squares. Then sew them together. Row by row and then the top row to the middle row and then the middle to the bottom. Give a good press with a warm iron..

Then all you do is cut down the centre vertically and horizontally.

Cut the nine patch down the centre both ways.

You can see that you now have 4 squares. You keep doing this until you have enough for your quilt. There are many ways you can arrange them and even add borders. Have a play around and some fun with it.

I will post the finished quit when I have finished, fingers crossed later tonight.

Talk to you all soon I'm off to sew.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Granny Ripple Tutorial

OK so here we go with the tutorial for the granny ripple crochet stitch. Sorry it took so long to load up, the time just flies when we are all home on school holidays.

Step 1 - Making the chain

You will need to make a crochet chain in multiples of 11 until the project is as wide as you would like it to be and then add three more chains to the end. I also like to do this in even numbers eg 22, 44, 66 etc as this will give you an up at the start and a down at the end. It just looks more balanced.

Chain in multiples of 11
Step 2 - First cluster

You will then need to come in 5 chains and make your first double crochet in the next chain. Then repeat the double crochet 2 more times in the same chain so that there are 3 double crochets in the same chain. This will be referred to as a cluster.

The first cluster in the 6th chain
Skip 2 chains and form another cluster in the 3rd chain.

You should now have 2 clusters
Skip 2 chains and form another cluster in the 3rd chain.

You should now have 3 clusters along your chain.
Step 3 - Forming the first valley

Skip 5 chains and in the 6th chain make a cluster. This will form the valley or the down V shape pattern in the blanket.

Skip 5 chains

Skip 2 chains and make cluster in the 3rd chain.

You should now have 5 clusters along your chain

Skip 2 chains and make a cluster in the 3rd chain.

Step 4 - Forming the peak

Chain 3 and then form another cluster in the same chain. this increases the stitches and forms the peak or the up shape in the blanket.

The peak
Skip 2 chains and form a cluster in the 3rd chain.

You should now have 8 clusters along the chain
Skip 2 chains and form a cluster in the 3rd chain.

Step 5 - Forming the next valley

Skip 5 chains and make a cluster in the 6th chain. You will need to continue this pattern of peaks and valleys until you reach the end of you chain.

Step 6 - Starting the next row

Chain 5 and turn your work around to start the next row.

You need to make sure the are three cluster between each of the peaks and valleys. Depending on the amount of chain you have and how you finish your V you may need to skip a gap to form the valley at the start of the next row. See pic below.

Continue making clusters into each of the gaps until you reach a peak or valley.

Forming the peak make a cluster chain 3 and then for another cluster into the same gap.

Continue making clusters into each of the gaps until you reach the next valley.

Make sure you have 3 cluster between the peak and the valley

One you have formed the three cluster after the peak you need to skip the gap at the bottom of the valley and form a cluster in the next gap. This closes the pattern together to keep the V-shape.

Continue the pattern of forming peaks and valleys until you reach the end of the project.

Chain 5 and turn the work around to start the third row.

Continue this until you have reached the length you are after.

Don't forget to skip a gap at the valleys
And 2 lots of clusters at the peaks.

When I first started I thought how is this going to form a straight edge at the sides. Well it just does. As your project grows the edges straighten up beautifully.

So give it a go it is actually alot easier than what you first think. I remember when I first saw it I pondered over it for ages thinking how it is done.

Feel free to ask any questions and happy Granny Ripple Crocheting....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Granny Ripple Stitch

Having lots of fun making this beautiful blanket for Andrew. He asks me every night if I have finished yet. I keep explaining that I am not that fast, but he keeps on asking me anyway. I took him to pick his own colours which I think have turned out great.

The Granny Ripple is quite fast to master and the effect is great. It comes out quite thick and chunky. I love it laying on my legs as I work on it at night. It is so cosy.

Granny Ripple Stitch
Everyone I show it to, just picks it up and cuddles it and asks how to make it. I am making it out of 100% new wool which makes it just extra cuddly. So I am in the process now of writing up a tutorial. I am halfway through, but the battery went flat on the camera so it is now charging. So as soon as it has charged I can finish taking the photos and put up the tutorial.

I'm loving the colour combination
It is coming along quite quickly and I'm about halfway through now. The tutorial will be up soon so get your wool and hook ready to crochet along.

It is a very fun design to make.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My girl turns 9...

It was Sarah's birthday today. Cannot believe it was 9 years ago she came into our lives. She has always been the outgoing cheeky one and as she gets older nothing changes.

Sarah at just over 2 years old.
She brightens our day with some of the silly things she comes up with and the faces she pulls.

Sarah at about 5 years old

Well she had a great day she wanted to go and get a build a bear. You would think that by this age they would no longer want teddies, but that is one of the things she wanted. And here it is all in pink....
meet Sugar everyone

We had a great fun choosing the bear and then the outfit. There was so many to choose from. She did change her mind a few times. She put this one down and then pick it up again and then down again. She finally decided after we where in the store for about 40 minutes just to choose the bear......

Ohh she also wanted the fur vest she is wearing.

We had a small afternoon tea with grandma and grandpa and the cousins came up as well which was nice. Lots of good stuff like chips, dip, lollies, cocktail frankfurts, party pies and sausage rolls. No room for dinner after that afternoon tea.

And the cake was delicious too. I might just have another piece befoer I go to bed with a cup of milk.

Well laladad is putting the kids to sleep as I write this up. We are all pretty exhausted and it is off to bed early for all of us tonight.