Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trying New Things....

A few people have asked me why do I participate in swaps. You make these beautiful things and then send them away to strangers and you don't know what you are going to get.

Well firstly the wait to see what you are going to receive is lots of fun and I always make sure I try something new, something maybe out of my comfort zone or a new technique I have been itching to try.

Here is the Schnitzel & Boo swap I received last month from @myprettywildlife

And here is what I sent to my partner.

I had so much fun researching (stalking) Fiona, both on her blog Bendigo Lioness and on her Instagram account. She is such a fun and creative person.

I once saw this square quilting on another quilt and thought it looked great and didn't look that hard to master. A bit like making loops in Free Motion Quilting but, this corners.... and great to do on masculine quilts. So I had to try it, and it was easy to do and it come out fantastic.

I did have to stop my hands making loops every now and then. But it was all fun to do and good practice for when I do my sons quilt. Yes he still waiting for me to finish it. Hopefully before winter comes along. Which is just around the corner.

Recently I also completed a Downton Abbey swap over on Instagram. I had seen this technique used a number of times and have never been brave enough to give it a go. Its like drawing using your sewing machine.

I really had lots of fun trying this out. I had a few attempts on some scraps and then it was time to try it onto the final project. It came out ok and I was happy with the final result.

I made it into a cute little tea wallet.

I have also enjoyed doing some foundation paper piecing lately. I have made a few little projects using this method and you can make some gorgeous intricate blocks. Taking the paper off the back at the end is sometimes tricky. You just need to be patient.

 So if you have time to have a go at doing some swaps have a go. Its lots of fun and you can push yourself into trying something new and use fabrics you normally wouldn't.

So have you participated in many swaps?

Filomena xx