Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm going to be teaching crochet...

I am so excited and a little nervous about this new little venture. I'm going to be teaching crochet at a beautiful little shop called The Bowerbird Store in Springwood. It is full of little items that I just love for decorating my house, and some beautiful jewellery in the window.

Love the Anna Gare Range. Some of those pieces would look perfect in my kitchen.

I have planned a number or projects. The first project is a set of 4 Dishcloths. Each dish cloth will include a different crochet stitch and border. Here are some samples I let in the store.

I love this yellow ribbed stitch Dishcloth.
And this red one is one of my favourites too. I love the cute little border that actually happens while you do the main body of the cloth. It is really easy and no adding a border at the end.

Our next project is a beautiful colourful Mandela and then a gorgeous lacy scarf, you will have to join the class to know what is next.

Classes Start 16th July in the store at 7.30pm. The cost is a $50.00 deposit to secure your spot and then $10.00 per class which you pay on the night. All notes and pattern instructions are also supplied for you to take you just bring your own wool or yarn.

How exciting.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Craft and Quilt Show 2013 ...

I was so excited and counting down the days to the day I was going to the show. I went last year for the first time and absolutely loved it.

I went with my very good friend Tracey over at Cook Quilt Crochet. We caught the train into the city. We both sat there in the train with our crochet on our laps. I am sure we looked very cute.

We got there and we had a plan. Start from the left and work our way through each isle working towards the right of the hall and skip all the paper craft and bead stalls. We had to make it through and see the whole show. Last year we were no where near finished when they announced it was closing time. We started walking really fast to see those last few isles. Do you believe it they had to chase us out. We where the last two left in there.

We had a coffee break at the end isle C. A few ladies that where already run off their feet sat with us and had a little chat. It was so nice and friendly.

Photo: Another busy day at the Quilt & Craft Show. Drop by and check out our beautiful fabrics & kits.

Then I came across this shop My Cotton Candy. It was just sooo cute and I saw it. The fabric I was hoping to find. I saw it sitting there and just stared at it for a few seconds. And then then yelled (well not loudly) they have Bake Sale.

So I took some home with me....

It is just lovely. You have probably seen it over at Bee in by Bonnet. And her quilts are just beautiful as well.

And here are my other purchases I made at the same stall.

Some Little Red Riding Hood Cotton also by Riley Blake. They are adorable, look at those cute little mushrooms.

I also then bought some 1930's fabric. I just love 1930's reproduction prints. At the moment I just collect them. I have a number of projects I want to do with them.

And at the last minute I got some of these, well just because..... no reason just that they caught my eye.

Did you get to go to the show? Hope you loved it as much as me.....

I know you are all wondering if they had to kick us out this year...... well no.... we walked out before many others and we had a little cheer as we walked out without being kicked out.....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rice Bubble Slice.... School Lunch Box Recipe

My kids love to take LCM Bars to school as their snack. They take lots of healthier items and something of their choice as well. But with 4 kids a box of six doesn't quite make it for two days. So I find myself buying multiple boxes and they are not cheap either and it doesn't take long for their to be half a trolley of boxes of pre-packaged bars.

So for a while now I have been making my own. It is still a little sugary snack for them, but I know what has gone into it and it doesn't cost me no where near as much. Using the recipe below I get 16 bars.

What you will need...

75g butter

1 ½ packets Marshmallow puffs
6 cups rice bubbles
Here is how I do it.
In a slice tray line with baking paper and put aside. You will have to have this ready before you start melting the butter.

Measure out the six cups of rice bubbles into a large bowl.

In a saucepan on medium heat melt the butter. Once the butter is completely melted add the marshmallows and stir. Continue stirring until all the marshmallows have melted and creamy.

Then pour the marshmallow mixture over the rice bubbles and mix together with a wooden spoon.
Quickly place all the rice bubbles into the prepared slice tray and press down until it is all even. I like to use a piece of baking paper and the back of a spoon as it can be quite sticky. Once it has cooled down slightly use the back of a spoon to just smooth over any bumpy bits as it will not be quite as sticky.

Allow to cool on the bench top is fine or in the fridge if you are in a rush. They will last up to a week in an air tight container. Mine don't last that long.

You can do lots of different variations to this, why not try adding half a cup of 100's and 1000's to the rice bubbles when stirring or on the top when pressing down, dried fruits such as apricots, you could even use choc chips or try adding half rice bubbles and half coco pops or melted chocolate over the top.
How do you like yours?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Half Square Triangles.... Tutorial

I've only been learning and doing quilting for the last couple of years. Even though I love to sew and have delved into many many many sewing crafts, I never gave quilting a try. I just thought it wasn't for me. Then a friend of mine said to me try it Fil, you will love it, with your OCD and mathematical mind you will be addicted in no time. Guess what? She was right. I am now addicted.....

Second quilt I had ever made........
I found a pattern online and it required HST. I sat there for ages to work out what those letter meant. Thank goodness for Google... or I'd still be there..... (in case you are like me Half Square Triangles)

So I was off making HST 2 at a time. Recently I was taught another technique where you get 8 HST at a time. I was so excited. So I am going to share both techniques with you today.

Technique 1..... 2 HST

Items you will need :

Cutting mat
Rotary Cutter
Quilting Ruler
2 squares of your choice. (In this tutorial I have used 10"squares)

If you want your finished block to be a particular size you need to add 7/8" to the finished size to make your squares. eg. If you want the finished size to be 4" you will need to cut your squares 4 7/8" square.


Place your fabric right sides together. Using your pencil and ruler draw a line from one corner to the opposite corner.

Using your 1/'4" foot sew a scant 1/4" line on either side of the pencil line you drew. Use the guide on your foot to travel long the pencil line.

You should then end up with a sewn line on either side of the pencil line.

Using your rotary cutter cut along the pencil line. You will then end up with 2 triangles.

Press seams open with your iron and trim to final size. And your done.

Technique 2 ..... 8 HST

Now this is the technique I only recently learnt and my favourite especially when you are making lots of HST's, this is a great time saving method.

You will need the same equipment as above.

There is a formula to work out so that you get the exact size you need. If you need you unfinished HST to be 41/2" and 4" finished you will need to follow this formula.

Unfinished size x 2 + 1                  eg. 4 1/2" x 2 + 1 = 10"

or if you need each block to be 5" finished it will need to be 5 1/2" unfinished.

                therefore:  5 1/2" x 2 + 1 = 12"   you will need your initial squares to be 12" in size.
(I hope I haven't confused anyone and don't be afraid to ask any questions.)
Choose your two fabrics. I have chosen 2 pieces 10" square in size. Place your fabrics right side together.

Using your pencil and ruler draw a line diagonally from corner to corner in both directions.

So that you end up with a cross through the centre.

Using your 1/4" foot sew a line on either side of the pencil line you drew.

Place the fabric onto your cutting mat square with the grid lines. Using your rotary cutter cut along both diagonal pencil lines, without moving the fabric off the mat.

Using the grid lines as a guide cut vertically through the centre and then again horizontally. Cut all lines without moving the fabric off your mat.

You will then end up with 8 Half Square Triangles.

Press seams open.

All you then need to do is to trim your squares to size. If you have measured accurately all you will need to do is cut off the dog ears.

Using 10" squares you will end up with eight 4 1/2" HST.

 There are endless ways you can arrange you HST. I'm really liking these little pin wheels.

Hope you have enjoyed following this little tutorial and have some fun making HST.