Sunday, November 1, 2015

1930's Farmer's Wife QAL

Do you believe it we are only one month in and I am already behind. Thats ok. Christmas holidays are not that far away. What did I just say Christmas.......

It was so nice not to have anything on this weekend, no sport, music birthday parties or activities. We just stayed home. Kids watched movies, played games, chased the dog around and just hang around and ate ice cream.

And I got to sew..... So it was time to do some catching up on my 1930's Farmer's Wife Blocks.

I am so glad I saved this fabric for the perfect project. They are coming along so well and are so fun to fussy cut.

This is Block No.14 - Betty. This may be my new favourite.

Block No 14 Betty

And it wasn't until I took the photo and posted it on Instagram that I noticed that one of the points was way out. Its all fixed now after some unpicking and sewing back together again.

Block No. 20 Caroline was next. I didn't do any fussy cutting on this one. This will be an easy one to place either square or on point. I'm not placing all the blocks on point, I am planning on alternating them between square and on point. I'm yet to decide if I'm going to use charcoal/grey or white fabric as the sashing. Well I have some to decide.... What do you think I should use?

Block No 20 Caroline

And another cute one, Block No.13 Belle. I just love those girls on little bikes. This one was a little harder to put together and it's not perfect but I'm leaving it.

Block No 13 Belle

 That is all I have time for this weekend. As I look at the calendar for next week, I pout my lip... I don't think I will have time for any sewing......

Happy sewing
Filomena xx

Sunday, October 4, 2015

1930's Farmer's Wife and a QAL

Are you starting the latest Farmer's Wife Quilt? I know I haven't finished my original Farmer's Wife, but I am hoping that following the QAL will keep me on track to get this one finished. I am following the QAL held by Gnomeangel with links to many other blogger guests who post tips on how they have constructed the block. So there is lots of support and lots pictures and ideas to look at.

So week 1 saw the creation of the first 3 blocks. This week was special with 3 blocks but from next week we will be completing 2 blocks a week. So sounds pretty manageable if my days and weeks remain as planned.

Block #12 Becky


I was so undecided which fabric I wanted to use. I really wanted to use by 1930's fabric collection, but my Tasha Noel collection kept popping up and all the possibilities for fussy cutting. After I made the first block I knew I was on the right path. I just loved it.

Block #16 Bonnie

QAL Bonnie

Then this one became my favourite block. I just love little mushrooms.

Block #8 Aunt


And then I made this block and I found my new favourite block. I have a funny feeling I will have many favourites.

Here is a little close up of this cutie.

And this little girl is just adorable.

There are many ways you can construct the blocks and over at gnomeangel's blog you will see links to guest bloggers that are using different techniques like EPP and hand sewing. Me, I'm using the templates from the CD supplied with the book. I find them easy to use and always get good results. It is what I am using for the original Farmer's Wife too. All my blocks finish 6.5 inches square and I have had no issues using this method. I cut out the paper templates and pin it to my fabric, rotary cut around the paper template using my ruler and sew together on my sewing machine. My advice is to check that your 1/4'' seam is correct or adjust your needle to the left or right.

So this is week 1 done and it feels good that I am not behind. But it's only week 1, lets see how next week goes back to work and all the kids activities back on.

And in case you are wondering about my original Farmer's Wife quilt. I haven't forgotten about it, this has actually made me pull it back out and I even finished another block. My plan is to go back with my Friday dates with the Farmer's Wife.

So if you are joining in with this fun let me know so I can come and have a look at your beautiful blocks.

Filomena xx

 I need to apologise about my photos, my camera battery was flat and had to use my phone.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Loving this Swap ...

Earlier in the year I decided I wasn't going to join anymore swaps and then this one came up. Who can resist a Lori Holt, Bee in my Bonnet swap.

The swap is not due to post for a few more weeks, but I have started on my mini already. You're shocked too. I've started a swap with more than a few days to go.

I've been collecting some Lori Holt fabric for a while, just picking up bits as I find them. Most of these I got at the Mad Quilters Show in Penrith over the last few years. I did by some online, well through Instagram from the gorgeous Clair at @clairsdestash. It was fun to get it out and look at it all.

My swap partner made a little inspiration board full of cuteness, and it included a Dresden Plate block. I have never made one and I love to try new things with each swap so the Dresden Plate it is. Once I cut up all the fabric and chained sewed them all together, it already started to look so pretty. They were like little buntings on a string.

Then I put them all together.

Why hadn't I made one of these before?

And I couldn't believe how easy they were to make. I've attached it to a white background with a simple straight stitch around the edge.

And the scrappy border is coming along beautifully too and I am planning some creative quilting to make this extra special.

I can't show you too much at this point, or I'll give too much away. I'll make sure I take a photo of the finished mini before I send it away. Just need to plan some little handmade gifts to go with it.

Any ideas....

Filomena xx

Friday, August 7, 2015

My Simple Six Inch Sampler Quilt

As most of you all know I just can't help but start new projects. A couple of very talented ladies over on Instagram were showing off some beautiful blocks and I just loved admiring them. The blocks were part of a quilt along. It's called the #simplesixinchsampler, if you are over on Instagram go and have a look. There are so many gorgeous blocks. Well, after a few weeks I just couldn't just look anymore I had to be part of it. 

The blocks are part of an App called Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool and is available through iTunes. It is so super easy to use and I just love that it will show you the cutting list for multiple sizes of the same block.

So far I have made 8 blocks out of the 40 that are part of the quilt along. What I really love about the app is that I can just take my iPad to the cutting mat to cut out my fabrics. I don't have to run back and fourth from the cutting mat to the computer or print anything out.

Formal Garden
The fabric I am using is Pedal Pushers by Lauren & Jessi Jung for Moda Fabrics. I think fabric is gorgeous. Love the red and the navy blue and lets not forget the gorgeous aqua colour and the bits of yellow fabrics just ties everything together so nicely.

Ribbon Star
The block above is my favourite star so far but there are so many nice ones still to come. At this stage I am going to sash them in a dark grey. I think the blocks will just stand out beautifully against the dark sashing. I so want to start putting them together but I have a long way to go still and I want to make sure I get the balance right before I start sewing them together. 

Anyone else want to share a great App they use in their quilting.

Talk soon 
Filomena xx

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Farmer's Wife Catch up........

Wow, where have I been. It seems so long since I have written a post or even come to check my blog. It's work... It just gets in the way... doesn't it. I'm no longer a full-time stay at home mum...... I've gone back to work 5 days a fortnight, working in the local high school library and I love it. Except that it means less time in front of the sewing machine.

It has taken me a few weeks to find a routine that suits the kids, hubby and me. The first week I couldn't even get dinner on the table before 8pm. But I'm planning my meals better and making things ahead of time and now that the weather has turned cold its perfect for the slow cooker to come out, so dinner is ready when I get home from work and the after school activities.

I did find some time to do some sewing and 2 more Farmer's Wife Blocks.

Block No. 34 Flock

I made this one at the Sunday Sewing Along Day with the GWSMQG last month. I soooo look forward to these days.

Block No. 25 Cups and Saucers

So now that I have got my routine organised, I am back to getting this quilt finished.

Have a great day Filomena xx

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trying New Things....

A few people have asked me why do I participate in swaps. You make these beautiful things and then send them away to strangers and you don't know what you are going to get.

Well firstly the wait to see what you are going to receive is lots of fun and I always make sure I try something new, something maybe out of my comfort zone or a new technique I have been itching to try.

Here is the Schnitzel & Boo swap I received last month from @myprettywildlife

And here is what I sent to my partner.

I had so much fun researching (stalking) Fiona, both on her blog Bendigo Lioness and on her Instagram account. She is such a fun and creative person.

I once saw this square quilting on another quilt and thought it looked great and didn't look that hard to master. A bit like making loops in Free Motion Quilting but, this corners.... and great to do on masculine quilts. So I had to try it, and it was easy to do and it come out fantastic.

I did have to stop my hands making loops every now and then. But it was all fun to do and good practice for when I do my sons quilt. Yes he still waiting for me to finish it. Hopefully before winter comes along. Which is just around the corner.

Recently I also completed a Downton Abbey swap over on Instagram. I had seen this technique used a number of times and have never been brave enough to give it a go. Its like drawing using your sewing machine.

I really had lots of fun trying this out. I had a few attempts on some scraps and then it was time to try it onto the final project. It came out ok and I was happy with the final result.

I made it into a cute little tea wallet.

I have also enjoyed doing some foundation paper piecing lately. I have made a few little projects using this method and you can make some gorgeous intricate blocks. Taking the paper off the back at the end is sometimes tricky. You just need to be patient.

 So if you have time to have a go at doing some swaps have a go. Its lots of fun and you can push yourself into trying something new and use fabrics you normally wouldn't.

So have you participated in many swaps?

Filomena xx

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Connecting to Bloglovin

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Where did December go?

Where did December go?  I have no idea, not one post for the whole of December..... I have some catching up to do....

I have been so busy lately firstly running around with Christmas and last minute shopping, I was called into work to work full time for the last three weeks of school. Then suddenly it was Christmas day visiting people and places and in no time it was New Years Day....

Which this year we spent at home.... it was relaxing..... sitting on the lounge in my pj's watching the fireworks on TV.

I also spent some time sewing and thinking up new projects and quilts to make this year. I also started sewing again for my madeit store. It has felt good filling up my store again with little handmade lovelies.

While sewing these cute little pouches my iron stopped working. That was a disaster, not because I had to iron clothes, I had to iron my fabric. I think I use my iron more for my craft than for ironing clothes. After a few recommendations from some IG friends I went with the Phillips and I love it.

I am also bury finishing off my next swap. This one is so cute. Hazel Hedgehog, the pattern can be found here if you want to try it. It is actually quite easy, the step by step instructions are very clear and full of diagrams, so you cannot go wrong.

The first one I finished on the weekend at the first sewalong for 2015 at the GWSMQG Sunday Sewalong. I just love these days, sewing along with a bunch of great and inspiring ladies. And of course a good cup of coffee.

So have your holidays been just as busy and full of sewing....

Filomena xx