Sunday, October 4, 2015

1930's Farmer's Wife and a QAL

Are you starting the latest Farmer's Wife Quilt? I know I haven't finished my original Farmer's Wife, but I am hoping that following the QAL will keep me on track to get this one finished. I am following the QAL held by Gnomeangel with links to many other blogger guests who post tips on how they have constructed the block. So there is lots of support and lots pictures and ideas to look at.

So week 1 saw the creation of the first 3 blocks. This week was special with 3 blocks but from next week we will be completing 2 blocks a week. So sounds pretty manageable if my days and weeks remain as planned.

Block #12 Becky


I was so undecided which fabric I wanted to use. I really wanted to use by 1930's fabric collection, but my Tasha Noel collection kept popping up and all the possibilities for fussy cutting. After I made the first block I knew I was on the right path. I just loved it.

Block #16 Bonnie

QAL Bonnie

Then this one became my favourite block. I just love little mushrooms.

Block #8 Aunt


And then I made this block and I found my new favourite block. I have a funny feeling I will have many favourites.

Here is a little close up of this cutie.

And this little girl is just adorable.

There are many ways you can construct the blocks and over at gnomeangel's blog you will see links to guest bloggers that are using different techniques like EPP and hand sewing. Me, I'm using the templates from the CD supplied with the book. I find them easy to use and always get good results. It is what I am using for the original Farmer's Wife too. All my blocks finish 6.5 inches square and I have had no issues using this method. I cut out the paper templates and pin it to my fabric, rotary cut around the paper template using my ruler and sew together on my sewing machine. My advice is to check that your 1/4'' seam is correct or adjust your needle to the left or right.

So this is week 1 done and it feels good that I am not behind. But it's only week 1, lets see how next week goes back to work and all the kids activities back on.

And in case you are wondering about my original Farmer's Wife quilt. I haven't forgotten about it, this has actually made me pull it back out and I even finished another block. My plan is to go back with my Friday dates with the Farmer's Wife.

So if you are joining in with this fun let me know so I can come and have a look at your beautiful blocks.

Filomena xx

 I need to apologise about my photos, my camera battery was flat and had to use my phone.