Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Crochet Chevron Blanket

Winter is really and truly settling in and what better thing to do in the evenings sitting by the open fire. Well crochet of course.

I am really enjoying making this Chevron blanket at the moment. I am really loving the colour combination. The charcoal grey and mustard yellow are a great match. Now believe me it is charcoal grey.... After uploading the photos on here I thought this does not look quite like the real thing. So I took the photos again and still this. I will take them again when I have finished the blanket and show you the finished product.

The pattern I am using is from the royalsisters and you can find the pattern here.

I really like this pattern and it is so easy to follow. And really easy to adjust if you want it more pointy.

I am using the Moda Vera Wool from Spotlight. It is 100% Australian Wool, nice to work with and easy to care for.

I m using a 4.5mm hook as I wanted the stitches to be close together. But you could easily use a 5 or a 5.5 for a more open stitch.

Well I better get onto some more of my projects. I'm actually doing some sewing today as soon as I get off this computer.

I'll be posting it up as soon as I have some photos for you. It is a gorgeous new block and I'm digging into my 1930's fabric stash.

Take care
Filomena xx