Monday, March 18, 2013

Ready Set Go.....

What a great weekend we had. The weather has just been beautiful up here in the Blue Mountains. After weeks of rain we are having beautiful sun filled days. But not too hot. You just want to be outside.

Our kids love riding their bikes and last year they all got new mountain bikes for their birthdays. So we joined our local Mountain Bike Club. Western Sydney MTB Club. Most of their races are down at Yellowmundee National Park, so we don't have that far to travel which is good.

Here they are all in their racing gear. I will tell you something all this racing gear is not cheap. But they look good in it and the part.

The track for the U10 was great you could see them all the time and you could go on and give them a hand if they needed it. All the parents cheered the kids along and gave words of encouragement to keep going. It was so nice and relaxing.
James rode in the U13's. Their race is much longer and you don't really see them unless they are going through the finish line. They all looked so good waiting for their race to start.
After his first lap.

And he came 2nd in his first race ever. He was so excited and so happy. We where very proud of him. Well done James and the other boys and girls that competed.
This is a great supportive sport and club. Have a look around your area and see if there is a mountain bike club near you. Great way to get my kids fit, outdoors and off their ipods and PlayStation games.