Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mini Quilt Swap.....

A couple of months ago Schnitzel and Boo ran a mini quilt swap. I have been wanting to show you what I was making, but life here has been a little hectic at the moment and it never made it on here. If you follow me over on Instagram you would have seen some of these over the last few weeks.

I had so much fun making these that I have already cut out another set to make one for me. I think I might start a wall of mini's. Ohh no not more projects.....
I love the odd green one, my favourite Granny Smiths.

I purchased the new book out by Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet. Its a fantastic book, full of great projects. Her house is a dream....
Her instructions are great and it came together really easy. A few days later I was quilting it and putting the binding on. It took me three days to finally decide on the binding. I always thought I would bind it in red polka-dot fabric. But after much thought I went with the green check binding and red dot fabric on the back. And it is perfect. The green is just the right balance.
And here it is all finished and ready to be posted to the UK.
Hope she likes it. I am really getting addicted to these swaps and always looking out for the next one to join. It is fun looking up details of your partner, what they like, finding their blogs of instagram profiles and then hopefully making something that they will like. Looking at all the photos going up online and then waiting for the postman to come.

Have you joined a swap before and did you enjoy it?

Filomena xx

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dish Cloths... Do you use yours?

I have been asked so many times do you actually use these? The lovely girls at my crochet classes are amazed that I actually use them to wipe benches and clean up spills.

"They are too pretty to use" "What scrub things after I have spent all this time making it" Ha ha they make me laugh.

I am telling you after you have used one of these you will never use a chux again. And the best thing you put them in the washing machine and they are like brand new again.

Here is one of mine - evidence ladies that I do use them.
Last month I joined a dish cloth swap. It was lots of fun, working out what I was going to make, sending it off and them waiting for my package to arrive in the post. Mel over at One Crafty Mumma is running another one at the moment and one early next year. I will definitely be signing up for the next one. Why don't you join me.... I will keep you posted when the next one is on.

And here are the ones I got back. They are so pretty and will look great in my little kitchen.

This flower one is just gorgeous...

And this pretty pink one is so soft.

I love the hearts....

Have a go and make your self some pretty crochet or knitted dish cloth, I promise you, you will love cleaning with one of these... well you know what I mean....

If you are looking for a pattern here is one I made for the swap.

Filomena xx