Friday, June 20, 2014

Spending Friday with the Farmer's Wife...

Well I have been a little bit slow this week and have not completed the 2 blocks.... Well sometimes I just have to work and when you are working casually on call you take every day that is offered to you.

But don't you find that sometimes work just gets in the way of what we really want to be doing.... creating...

But what I have been doing is making sure that all my squares are kept nice and neat in a folder, so that I can look over them and admire each block without getting them dirty of the edges fraying.

And I even have a printout of the whole quilt, which I am planning on colouring in the blocks as I make them. That is going to be just as fun.

One job I have done is sort out my next 2 blocks and pick the fabric. Sometimes that is half the battle. It can take me hours sometimes to work out my colour combinations.

Hopefully I can have these finished by Saturday afternoon as we have nothing on after netball. Yes an afternoon at home.

Do you have trouble picking what fabric you're going to use?

Happy Farming
Filomena xx

Friday, June 13, 2014

Spending Friday with the Farmer's Wife

Here is my progress over the week. It is great to put them all together and see how the blocks are growing.

I love all the different fabrics together, the fun and creativity you can put into each individual block.

Block No 17 Cats and Mice

My machine was not playing nice the day I made the Cats and Mice block and for some reason I can see the stitches. I may just have to go back and fix this one. But I am waiting to the end and see how many may need fixing. Hope it is only this one.

Block No 19 Checkerboard

Block No 20 Churn Dash

So far I am liking all these little blocks of sweetness. And Bonnie and Camille fabric range just add to the sweetness.

Happy Farming

Filomena xx

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A little Cross-Stitch Project

I happened to stumble upon this Cross-Stitch Along a week ago, just browsing for some ideas for a gift for a very good friend for her birthday.

The minute I saw this I knew it was the perfect something for me to make her.... I know she will love it.... She loves handmade and has craft disease (as my husband puts it) like me.....

The patterns are over at Little Miss Shabby and each week she puts up another block. And if you are on Instagram you can hashtag (#) #quiltystitches and you can see everyones progress as they cross-stitch along.

Block 1 - The Swoon Block

Block 2 - Odd Fellows Chain

Block 3 - Rolling Stone Block

I have been working until late in the night to catch up with my blocks, 3 blocks in 2 nights was not too bad once I worked out my colours..... Why can that always take hours?.....

And here are my first 3 blocks finished. I will have to decide soon on the background colour. I was thinking white or a very light cream. What do you think?

Its not too late to join in with the fun and make sure you head on over to Instagram and have a look at all the beautiful blocks over there you will fall in love. As soon as I have finished this one I am starting on for myself to hang in m sewing space.

Happy Stitching
Filomena xx

Friday, June 6, 2014

Spending Friday with the Farmer's Wife

Remember back here when I started the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. Well it started off pretty good and then so much happened that year that it was put on hold for a little while. I pulled out the box the other day and fell in love with it all over again and going to get it finished. My plan is to complete 3 blocks a week and I will be posting my progress on here every Friday.

So here are my 3 blocks completed this week.

Block No 14 Butterfly at the Crossroads

I really like this block and I'm glad I did it all one colour. It is sooo pretty.

Block No 15 Buzzard's Roost

Block 17 Calico Puzzle

They are so much fun to make and surprisingly my seams and points are all matching up.

One of the best things about these blocks are the pieces are quite small and many have come out of scrap pieces I keep in a box for little projects.

I has also given me the excuse though to purchase more Bonnie and Camille fabric in all my favourite colours.

See you next Friday with more blocks to share.

If you are also making a Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt Share your progress with us.

Filomena xx

Monday, June 2, 2014

Catching Up...

I have been doing a fair bit of casual teaching at the moment, which is great for the bank balance, but not for my craft time. By the time I pick up the kids, head home, a quick tidy up, dinner, help with homework, put a load of washing on and I am exhausted. Just this week I worked 4 out of the 5 days. Phew!!!

Now I have tried to put in a few minutes in here and there to do some things and I even made a quilt for my mum for Mother's Day a few weeks back.

I made her this quilt using various Civil War fabrics. And used the Road to Tennessee block pattern. I quite like it and was thinking it would look really cute as a little mini too. I think I will have to try it another time, finish some things off first hey.....

I quilted it by doing random loops all over and it come out really nice. You can't go wrong with random loops really. And I also used a variegated brown cotton to do the quilting. I originally had something more detailed in my head, but time was a constraint.

Here it is draped over her bed.

Rolled up quilts look so nice don't they.

Even though I have other quilts to make first I did start another quilt that was not on the list of things to finish off this year. But it was just too cute and a few of the ladies at patchwork group are making one as well.

The pattern requires that you use tone on tone fabrics. I don't really have any tones on tones in my stash and I really wanted to use what I had. So I did something on the spur of the moment. I cut into my 1930's fabric collection. I have been collecting 1930's fabrics since I started quilting. And the stash is getting quite big now, they are always such happy looking fabric.

This block is so cute. The lady at patchwork made a quilt using these blocks. She thinks she got it from a magazine long long time ago. But she can't remember and I have looked for hours for it on the Internet for this block with no luck. So I have started taking step by step photos and will post a tutorial on how to put the block together very soon.

Here are my first 3 blocks finished.

And I really love this peach one.

Well 3 blocks finished and 9 more to go. Will update you as I go. So as you can see I made a quilt to give away started a new quilt and didn't touch any of my half finished projects that I have marked as got to get finished this year....... Better get to it......

Chat again soon Filomena xx

Do you have fabric that you just hold onto for that special project?