Monday, April 29, 2013

Introducing... My Sew Cute Blue Cottage

I have started a new blog that is linked with this one. You may have noticed a new button at the top that will take you there.

I love writing up on this blog and that is not going to stop. I just needed somewhere to showcase the items that I make and sell on my Made it store. I didn't want to block this blog up with advertisement. I have just posted my first item under My Sew Cute Blue Cottage. It was very exciting.

And this is it. A beautiful set of co-ordinating Dish Cloths in a beautiful Teal and Coffee colour.

I won't add all the photos again here. But if you want to see more the button above will take you straight there.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Changing to Bloglovin...

I'm changing over to Bloglovin since on the 1st of July Google Reader will be closing down.  You can follow me here now...

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

School Holiday fun

I love school holidays, no rushing in the morning or constantly checking the time to make sure you leave in time to get a decent parking spot up at school.

We have been visiting a few parked these holidays and packing a little picnic. The kids think it is great.

This one was at Western Sydney Regional Park - Lizard Log and I think it is great, lots of outdoor play, communicating with each other, negotiating play and developing motor skills. Parks can offer so much to kids without them even realising it.

There was so much to do there, the best part was the flying fox. Yes this park has 3 flying foxes. The kids where in heaven.

The best part of going to parks is with 4 kids it does not cost very much at all. So far these holiday we have visited 3 different parks and have had a ball.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Wow I have really neglected this blog for the last month. I have been so busy every day, but I feel I have nothing to show for it. I keep cleaning and the kids keep messing it up and the pile of washing to fold and put away just seems to keep growing and it is taking over the lounge room. Just keeping it real this house just never stops. Well that's what its like with 4 kids running around the house. And it is now school holidays, there goes that little quiet time between drop off and pick up from school. Doesn't that time just fly by.

One thing I have been busy doing is sewing little items up to fill my made it shop again. It has been running a little low lately. I have lots of new items that I just need to finish photographing and load up onto the store. So go and have a look at some of the things I have on there.

Here is one you will find there already. A cute little mug rug. Bigger than a coaster so that you can rest a little biscuit  or two on there to have with your cup a tea.

I have finished another quilt recently. It was so much fun to make and my mother in law now enjoys it. It looks great in her lounge room. The pattern is called a Carpenters Star. There a lots of patterns for this quilt online if you want to make one for yourself.

My next door neighbour is such a great knitter. Look what she made me.....

A gorgeous tea cosy to go with my Cornishware collection.

How cute is the little tea cup sitting on top.

Now that the weather is turning chilly I have also enjoyed bringing out the wool again and hopefully get this blanket finished before the end of the month.

Relaxing up at Oberon
Well that is the plan anyway. I just want to start another one with a new pattern I want to try. But I made myself promise I wouldn't start another one until I have finished this one. I just have too many projects going....

Have a great day everyone and I promise I wont leave it too long before I come back again.